Greetings, friends and neighbors,

Thank you to all the writers and photographers who contributed to this issue. From what I hear, the community appreciates another source of news about Montebello. Although I am the person who creates this gazette every two weeks, I do not control its editorial content by favoring certain views and excluding others. As long as writers don’t engage in personal attacks against residents or management (which has not happened so far), ALL OPINIONS MATTER. If you have something to say about our governance — finances, by-laws, procedures, future plans — please share your piece of mind with your neighbors and the board. I run articles exactly as they come in with original headlines; I don’t require a word count or cut to make text fit into a space. Since this is an electronic publication, it costs nothing to add an extra page. In addition, please send in feature stories that range from serious commentary on the state of the world to humor pieces.

We have a plethora of fine events coming up: Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House movie tonight at 7; Being There film tomorrow at 7:30; Cup of Joe on Saturday morning; and the annual holiday music concert on Sunday at 3.

The next edition will come out on December 14. I’d like to compile a wish list of changes/improvements/suggestions residents would like to see at Montebello next year. Please send your ideas and I’ll share them in the upcoming issue.

Whirled peas,

Mikhailina Karina